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Bespoke Mirrors Cut To Size, templated and installed
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Mirrors Cut To Any Size

We offer mirrors cut to your requirements.The mirrors come in all shapes and sizes,there are two thicknesses, 4mm and 6mm.We can also supply special impact resistant mirror used in commercial gyms and studios.

We Offer Different Colours, Plain Silver,Bronze Tinted,Grey Tinted And antique finish.

If the mirrors are in the bathroom which is a high humidity area we recommend that you choose foil backing which will extend the life of the mirror. Foil backing also acts as safety film so we recommend this for full length mirrors and low level areas.

mirrors come with different edge finishes. you can have polished edges,bevelled edges or if you dont need to see the edge you can have arrissed edges which takes the sharp edge off and is free. bevelled edges come in many different depths from 5mm to 50mm. You can also have your mirror cut to any shape or curve.for this we would require templates or drawings or we can offer a template and installation service. Please call for more info. mirrors can also be drilled and we can cut out holes and shapes to allow for wires and other obsticles.

Please call us on 0203 362 4342 for more info





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